It all began in 2008…

VIETSOLUTIONS – The First Total Hotel Solutions Company in Vietnam was founded in spring 2008 by a group of passionate individuals, who are dedicated to bring Vietnam’s hotel industry closer to the World standard, together followed a big dream. 

Today, VIETSOLUTIONS is both a brand and a motto behind the Group of Companies. Solutions are considered to be the key elements in business development that effectively enhance the benefits, create innovation, and make professional impression. 

It is our mission that “Bring the World to Vietnam – Bring Vietnam to the World” can help making a better hotel industry.

Throughout a decade of founding and developing, we take non-stop effort to following the vision to be the leading brand, the No. 1 Total Hotel Solutions Company in Vietnam and the regions.

Nevertheless, we aim higher to become a leading Group of Companies specialized in Hotel & Tourism to perform our Ultimate Goal: to assist the Owners in development and management of the best-in-class hotels & resorts with international standard, highly detailed attention, superior service and excellent business efficiency, and consequently contributing to enhance Vietnam’s hospitality industry.

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