VIETSOLUTIONS is founded and developed on the background of:

  • Total Hotel Solutions
  • Professional Consultancy
  • World-Class Products
  • Leading Innovation
  • Customer Orientation

VIETSOLUTIONS has been continuously striving to be “the perfect choice of hotelier in Vietnam”.

VIETSOLUTIONS is guided by strong values, high work ethic, and a simple philosophy which are shown in our daily work. In everything we do, we aim towards making a better hotel industry.


Our Mission: “Bring the World to Vietnam – Bring Vietnam to the World”


Our Vision: “The Number One Total Hotel Solutions Supplier in Vietnam”


Our Image: “We are not a seller, we are your consultant, your partner”


Our Position: “VIETSOLUTIONS contributes to the success of high class hotels and resorts in Vietnam by offering the perfect total solutions package”


Our Ultimate Goal: to assist the Owners in development and management of the best-in-class hotels & resorts with international standard, highly detailed attention, superior service and excellent business efficiency, and consequently contributing to enhance Vietnam’s hospitality industry.

The “Total Hotel Solutions” concept is relatively new in Vietnam; however, in fact, it has existed and affirmed its benefits and necessity effectively in developed countries for quite a long time.

A few years ago in Vietnam, in order to successfully set up a hotel & resort project and have it ready to go into operation, the Owner and/or Management had to contact lots of both local and abroad suppliers to source products that meet standards of a high-class hotel & resort and go along with agreed budget. This required a lot of time and manpower resources to just manage communication and price negotiation with these suppliers individually as the fact that the bargaining power of a single buyer was usually weaker than a wholesaler. As a result of this, indirect costs might incur, mistakes might happen that would subsequently put the whole project at a risk of postponement. In addition, products purchased from too many single suppliers might face some concerns for their comprehensiveness and integration.

For those existing hotels & resorts that are in need of smaller replacement orders may also find it difficult and time-consuming to negotiate prices, manage logistics and check    quality of ordered products especially from oversea suppliers, the after-sales services and culture understanding of which are usually more limited than those with operation established locally.

VIETSOLUTIONS has realized the necessity of the total solutions for Vietnam hotel industry and has an advantage of being a local supplier that has a wide portfolio of world-class brands for hotels & resorts, we commit to providing one stop solution that benefits our Clients through ownership of a comprehensive product range and integrated solution in the manner of time saving, cost effectiveness and project timeline management.

From hotel supplies to hotel solutions, from consultancy to installation and maintenance, VIETSOLUTIONS is proud to be a single point of contact for high-end   hotels & resorts in Vietnam.

VIETSOLUTIONS, the convergence of youth and competence, managed by professional individuals, equipped with excellent knowledge and valuable industry experience, and motivated to pioneer a new industry in Vietnam. Meet the leaders who are fueling VIETSOLUTIONS growth.

Mr. Luong Thanh Nam – CEO

  • Education: MBA (Webster University, USA), BBA (HCMC University of Economics).
  • Extensive management experience in Hotel Supplies industry both abroad and Vietnam.

Mrs. Ha Thu Nguyen – COO

  • Education: BBA, BE.
  • 20 year experience in managerial positions in both foreign and local companies.

Mrs. Tran Le Dung – General Consultant

  • Education: BA in Hotel Management, BA in Teaching English.
  • 20 year experience in hospitality industry, of which serving as GM for 4*-5* hotels & resorts.

Mr. Nguyen Hung Manh – Business Consultancy Manager

  • Education: BA in English, Diploma in F&B Service.
  • 10 year experience in Hotel Operation and Consultancy both abroad and Vietnam.

Mr. Huynh Minh HoaOperations Manager

  • Education: BBA in Hotel Management, BA in International Marketing.
  • 8 year experience in Hotel Operation and Marketing both abroad and Vietnam.

See our Organizational Chart

VIETSOLUTIONS is honored to cooperate with an excellent Board of Advisor who have nearly 100 years of extensive experience collectively.


Mrs. Ngo Thanh Loan Owner of Bamboo Village Resort

20 year experience in Tourism & Leisure industry.


Mrs. Ngo Thanh Nga – Managing Director of Bamboo Village Resort

20 year experience in Hotel Development & Management.


Mr. Nguyen Canh – Director of CX Accounting & Auditing Co.

15 year experience in Accounting, Auditing & Investment.

Warranty & Customer Service Policies

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  • Hotel Solutions Technical Support Levels
  • Warranty Products
  • Warranty Term

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