How to Take Care of Your New Bed


27 Oct How to Take Care of Your New Bed

1. Polythene bags must be removed

Slumberland mattresses and divan bases are delivered in polythene bags to keep them clean and to protect against damage. Remove the bag before use to allow the mattress and base to breathe. 

2.  Turn your mattress regularly

It is a good idea to turn your mattress over and rotate it head to foot on a regular basis, once every three months as this leads to a longer lifespan for your mattress and make you feel more comfortable, because it ensures that there is no sagging in areas which are slept on the most.

3. Air your mattress regularly

Leave your bed free of bedclothes for several hours each week. Your Slumberland bed has special ventilators to exhale stale air and inhale fresh, clean air. This helps keep it dry and hygienic inside. 

4. Cleaning

This mattress and base is not designed for washing and dry cleaning. Do not dry clean the chemical agents/spot removers may be harmful to fabric or underlying materials. But if you’re determined to tackle a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly. Do not ever soak a mattress or foundation. Removal of stains such as hot or cold or cold drinks, blood, urine or vomit should be treated by gently rubbing with a cloth and warm soapy water as soon as possible after spillage occurs.

5.  Have the right foundation

A wire frame that sags or is uneven is likely to cause damage to the interior construction of a new mattress. A matching Slumberland divan base will give correct support and comfort. 

6. Castors and glides

Make sure they are screwed tight. Check periodically. 

7. Move your mattress

Do carry your mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle and less likely to damage the mattress.


1. Never bend your mattress as this action may damage the innerspring unit. Flex rather than bend the mattress when going through doorways, and don’t bend the corners when putting on fitted or flat sheets.

2. Never allow anyone to stand or jump on the mattress as it was not designed for excessive weight concentrations.

3. Avoid letting the mattress get wet. Protect it from water and other liquids. 

4. Never put a board between the mattress and the foundation. It may enhance the sense of support for a while, but it will only make a problem worse over time. (If any bed in your home has reached the “board state”, get rid of it).

5. Do not mis-handle

Don’t use the handles to support the full weight of the mattress. They may pull out and damage the fabric. Typically, handles are designed to help you position the mattress over the foundation.


1. Take your partner. When buying for two, both of you should make the decision.  

2. Wear comfortable clothes (slacks are a good idea) and shoes you can removes easily for lying down. 

3. Lie down and stay there. You can’t judge support and comfort by sitting on an edge or lying down for a few seconds. Don’t be shy. Lie on your side…are your hips and shoulders comfortable? Try it with your partner will you be fighting for space? 

4. Get the whole story. Study all the available information, read the labelling and insist that the salesman tell you about product features. 

5. Shop at a store you know and trust to give you good information, good service and top quality products. 

6. Shop for the best value, not the lowest price. You can always find “bargain bedding” at rock-bottom prices, but it’s no bargain when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Buy the best you can afford. 


When you make the new purchase, arrange to have your old bed removed and disposed.

Don’t give it to the kids, relatives, guests or neighbors. If it wasn’t good enough for you, it isn’t good enough for anyone else. Consider it a health hazard. Get rid of it. 

The store where you buy your new bedding may be able to assist, or contact local charitable organizations. They may be able to put the old bed to good use in their recycling projects. 

1.  Remove all packaging. 

2. Turn base on its side with the Hilding by Slumberland label at the foot end of the bed.

3. Attach the legs securely to the underside of the base using the nuts and bolts provided. The outer edge of the legs should sit on the outer edge of the base. If attached the wrong way around the legs will appear to buckle inwards. Lower base to the floor. 

4. For the Basic, Family and Sportif Continental beds sets, place the two bases side to form a double base.



DO rotate your mattress from head to toe and side to side regularly to prolong its life. Every mattress contains a variety of high quality filling layers to provide you with optimum comfort and support. It is quite natural for these filling layers to contour themselves to your body shape after a time. This is caused by the fillings compacting a little in the same way as cushions squash on a sofa. Rotating your mattress is the equivalent of “plumping up” your cushions. 

DO take care when rotating the mattress to avoid injury. 

DO air your bed before dressing it with bedding, as moisture may be trapped in the polythene wrappings. Once in use, air your bed every morning by folding back the bedding. (The average person loses as much as half a pint of moisture every night more during hot weather or illness. This is why letting your bed breathe is so important). 

DO use an absorbent mattress protector to help prevent accidental soiling.

DO use a soft brush or vacuum to clean the mattress. Foam has a distinctive smell may linger even after unpacking, airing and vacuuming the mattress will help eliminate the smell. 

DO be careful if using scissors or a knife when opening the package, so you do not damage the mattress cover. 

DO allow time for your mattress to return to its original shape/size compressed/packaged mattresses can take 72-96 hours to regain their shape once unwrapped. 

DO check the bed’s legs are secure at least once every three months. 

DON’T use chemical cleaners or detergents as these can permanently damage the fabric. Accidental scuffs or soiling can be treated with a damp sponge and a weak solution of soap and water. Zips are for production purposes only – do not remove covers for cleaning. 

DON’T roll or bend your mattress as this can permanently damage the springs. 

DON’T use an old or unsuitable base when buying a mattress only.

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