01 Aug Multimedia System


Quadriga is a leading international provider of guest technology managed services for the hospitality industry and our commitment is to maximize a customer’s on-property value and guest satisfaction.


Interactive TV System provides a unique guest portal that is designed to tailor to your hotel and your guests and, utilizing a powerful range of technologies and applications, design services and promotional tools.

  • TV Channels
  • Video on Demand
  • Internet Services
  • Group Presentation
  • Hotel Information Online Shopping
  • Guest Message
  • Room Services
  • Local Attractions
  • Advertising


Quadriga’s Personal Media Network synchronizesthe television with mobile devices to create seamless functionality while connected to the hotel’s WiFi network.

PMN will unify content from multiple sources, whether personal, hotel or hosted externally, into a single menu of choices accessed via the guest’s own mobile device.

SmartQubeTV  enables  a  hotel  to simply  and  cost-effectively  upgrade any hotel  TV (with  a  HDMI port)  to  the latest  ‘Smart  TV’,  to  provide  guests with  the  type  of  ‘home-from-home’ experience they demand and expect, without having to  invest  in  the  latest, most  expensive  range  of  Smart Tvs.SmartQubeTV  offers  a  compelling commercial  proposition  to  hoteliers with  no  expensive  head-end  required, a  one- time  install   and  minimal resource to configure and update, as well as the potential to promote hotel services. SmartQubeTV  –  a  fast,  easy ,  costeffective  solution  for  hoteliers to  boost guest  satisfaction  and  loyalty  and drive  new  promotional opportunities.


Q Valet – an innovative mobile service that provides guests with an interactive and easy way to view hotel, local and partner information, make bookings and reservations and purchase products and services, within the hotel and externally.

 Q Menu – a new tablet application that provides an interactive menu for guests and diners, enhancing wine, bar and food selections.

 Q Delegate – a new mobile application for event delegates that gives access to all event-related information and real-time updates – providing an ideal platform for hotels and event organizers to communicate with delegates and to promote their event.


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