02 Aug Online booking system


Xn  Web  Booking  (Xn  WBS)  is comprehensive,  hotel  web  booking engine,  providing a direct-internet booking solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your main corporate website. The Xn WBS provides an on-line private-label reservations solution for fully independent travelers, corporate bookers, travel agents and other third party bookers and includes links to payment gateway for online payment.
The WBS booking pages mirror your website  branding  to  provide  an optimal  experience to your guests. The design of the booking pages can be carried out  by Xn globalRES  in accordance  with  your  requirements  or we  can  provide  an API to your website designers to allow them to create the user  interface.  Either way, WBS integrates seamlessly with your website to ensure  maximum  confidence and  conversion.
The  latest  release  of  WBS  provides the  following  benefits:

  • A  real  time,  2-way interface  with PMS (rates and availability upload, reservations  download).
  • Searches and  attaches  reservation  to the  existing  guest  profile  based  on matching  family  name  and  email address.
  • Multi-lingual  capability  with  nationality flags  for  language  change
  • Add-on packages suggested by type of  rate  –  i.e  room  only  rate  suggests breakfast  package,  dinner  package
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