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As a family group with international standing, Grosfillex has been based in Oyonnax located at Rhone Alpes region for 90 years. The knowledge of the company has progressively developed on numerous products, which have become essential: armchairs, chairs, tables, sunbeds, shelves and wardrobes, stadium seating, as well as garden shelters and wall and ceiling coatings, doors and windows…

Quality requirement

Grosfillex is an expert in resins, benefitting from the ISO 9001 certification for the conception, manufacturing and sale of equipment created from plastic materials, bound for the habitat and its environment. Thanks to the compounding of its own material, the company controls all stages of the manufacturing process. With 50% of its activity dedicated to professional actors (construction, hospitality, catering, stadiums, communities), Grosfillex respects the most demanding international norms and its products are certified by registered independent laboratories. In order to anticipate more and be more reliable, the company is also equipped with internal test laboratories, in which the products are tested beyond the demands of the norms

A recognised command in the transformation of synthetic resins

The resins offer infinite possibilities of shapes, textures and colours. The company controls a large range of process technologies (compounding, extrusion, injection, rotation casting, blow moulding, gas injection, printing…) and materials (polypropylene, PVC, PMMA, polycarbonate, ABS…). Adding fiberglass to polypropylene brings resistance, gas injection allows full shapes. 

- Advantages of the Polypropilène

+ Dedicated to design

+ Offers multiple possibilities of shapes and colours

+ Resistant
- Advantages of the PVC

+ Large variety of decors

+ Permanent colours

+ Watertight and rot-proof

+ Non-fire classification

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