24 Oct Why Samsung Display Solutions in Hospitality?

Samsung provides a wide range of display solutions product portfolio to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry

  • Very robust outdoor digital signage, videowall and UHD signage to elevate branding and enhance visual impact
  • Advanced special display such as mirror, square, transparent or stretch signage
  • A wide range of hospitality display offerings to meet specific market needs, from luxury to mass hotel


Samsung provides all-in-one display solutions to enhance operational efficiency

  • Powerful SoC digital signage platform (new Tizen and SSSP platform) with integrated media player and PC
  • Embedded hospitality display content management solution for IP and cable infrastructure
  • Easy videowall installation with special wallmount and display for simple two- step configuration


Samsung display solutions provides best-in-class picture quality and advanced functionality

  • High brightness of 700 nit for indoor use and 2000 nit for outdoor use
  • Advanced videowall : approximately 90% uniform color presentation through factory calibration
  • Superior mirror picture quality (real mirror-like display with 90% transparency, 55% reflectivity)
  • World’s first UHD digital signage and UHD hospitality display
  • Versatile LED signage ranging from 1.5 pixels to 20 pixels


Samsung offers a modern and sophisticated product portfolio to elevate your hotel’s brand image (section 4 is approved)

  • Sophisticated hospitality display design with real metal bezel (HE890U)
  • World’s slimmest videowall (1.6 mm bezel) and slimmest standalone signage (PHF)


Samsung is a top-tier global display leader which guarantees reliable and durable products (section 5 is approved)

  • Rigorous product testing for quality assurance : X3 heat/ static content resistant, X2 dust, pro-longed operation,
  • lifespan, X4 heavy-weight support
  • Reliable 24/7 display operation in various indoor and outdoor environments (IP56 certified)
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